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Book Loot: Week Ending July 25th, 2010

This week:Good Friends (Berta and Capi) by Albert Edelfelt (1882)

This one was a freebie that I received for signing up to Penguin’s Young Adult newsletter Between the Lines. Pretty rad eh? You can still sign up and receive a free book, but it is open to Australian residents only. Now, there’s a phrase you don’t see very often on book blogs!

This week at the very last minute I decided to buy a minipass for the Melbourne International Film Festival. I was a cinema studies student for five long years after all! Originally I had only planned to go to a couple of sessions, but that very quickly turned into a few more sessions and in the end it was cheaper to buy the pass. I’m going to see lots of documentaries, a couple of new films from old favourites and some films picked at random. It’s a great time of year to be in Melbourne, after the film festival ends it’s not long until the Bret Easton Ellis event, and then after that, the Melbourne Writer’s Festival begins! City of Literature? City of Awesome.

Image Credit: Good Friends (Berta and Capi) by Albert Edelfelt, 1882.

2 Responses to Book Loot: Week Ending July 25th, 2010

  1. I also got Beautiful Creatures from Between the Lines – though I already own a copy, I wanted to give it to my friend at work. I enjoyed it (a big on the long-side for my taste though, I get easily distracted haha) but I really love the way Stohl and Garcia write about the South (was in love with the community and it’s residents).

    City of Awesome = hellz yes!

    • The Southern aspect is a large part of why I chose it! I remember when it came out it was toted as the next big thing to us, but then I never really heard too much about it. Though we’ve never been able to keep a copy on the shelf for too long. Still, looking forward to reading it, even more now that you’ve talked up the Southern part of it 😀

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