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Book Loot: Week Ending June 20th, 2010

Monkey See Monkey ReadMy shelves, floor, bedside table & desk can let out a sigh of relief, there were no new book acquisitions this week.

I did, when digging through our review proof corner during a quiet moment at work, find a copy of Jonathan Franzen’s upcoming Freedom and took it home with me. I was only flicking through it – I’m a pretty strict one book at a time kind of woman – and ending up reading the first 30 pages. And those 30 pages were really good. Have I told you the story about how I found a torn ten dollar note in a $3 copy of The Corrections at Clunes this year? Everyone laughed when I told them you could take fragments of notes to the bank and they would exchange it for the equivalent amount of cash, but I was right. So really, I bought The Corrections and made a profit. And I’m very much looking forward to reading Freedom.

The reading monkey to the left there is a present my Dad bought for me a few weeks ago because it reminded him of me (!). Look at how into his book he is.

This week’s Book Loot links would be a lot longer if I hadn’t been so distracted by vuvuzelas and vuvuzela internet memes during the week:

 June 20th, 2010  
 Book Loot  
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  1. Haha, I like the monkey. Mum bought me a little reading monk a few years ago and it sits on my shelf too, gleefully reading. I don’t know which is worse – the monkey or the monk!

    And yay for profit making by splurging out on books!

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